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NARFE, Nashville Chapter 0227, and You

NARFE's mission has remained the same since 1921, to protect and improve the retirement benefits of federal retirees, employees and their families.

Every Month is NARFE-PAC month,
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As Long As Elected Officials Control Our Benefits,

NARFE must be a Political (but non-partisan) Organization.


We Are America’s Federal Workers and Retirees

As active and retired federal employees, we rely on our elected officials to vote to protect our earned benefits.  This is not always the way they vote.  For this reason, we must have our NARFE Political Action Committee.  Without our NARFE PAC, we would have already lost many of our benefits. Our PAC funds are given to the elected officials who best support our issues.  Therefore, this is our best hope to protect or benefits.  Please consider making a small contribution during the month of March which is NARFE PAC month.

Obtaining the Hotline Take Action!

Become an informed voter, the political process is in high gear, watch the debates, read the NARFE magazine and get the latest information via the Hotline and the Protect America's Heartbeat (PAH) Daily Media Monitoring that Norris Alderson sends out daily. If you not getting the PAH Daily Media Monitoring notes from Norris, drop him a not at and request to be added to the mailing list.

This weekly legislative message is available to telephone callers (703-838-7780 and toll-free at 1-877-217-8234); posted on the NARFE website,; made available to requesting NARFE leaders; and sent to 83,000 NARFE member email addresses. Past editions are archived for NARFE member access. Each delivery channel is a service of NARFE, the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association. Should you have any questions regarding the information provided in the Hotline, please email NARFE’s Legislative Department at or call 703-838-7760.


The Federal Ostrich is an endangered species.  The Federal Ostrich spends most of the time with its head in the sand and its butt in the air. The Federal Ostrich assumes that the avoidance of participation in their own survival will not be a problem in the protection and retention of their earned benefits.   They don't attend meetings, they don't participate in being a citizen lobbyist and contact their Members of Congress to let them know of their concerns and needs as an Active or Retired Federal Employee. And most don't join NARFE. Silence is Consent!

Are you a Federal Ostrich?

If you are, get your head out of the sand, join NARFE if you not already a member. If you are a member Participate in the protection of you earned benefits, use the website and the Legislative Action Center to stay upto date on what is happening in Congress and to let your members of Congress know you thoughts on the legistation being considered. Silence is Consent! There are preformated letters that can be mailed to you elected officials which you can edit and personalize with you own thoughts. Just do it!

Also attend the meetings and get involved in your own survival by contacting your Members of Congress (Both Senators and the Representive for your District). Become a part of the solution to protecting and retaining our earned benefits. Help other Federal Ostriches get their head out of the sand and get involved. United, we must stand together, or if not our earned benefits will slowly evaporate, because Congress will think they can do what ever they want since we don't care enough to contact them.


NARFE, Nashville Chapter and You

The National Active and Retired Federal employees (NARFE) supports those who now and in the past have served the nation through their federal employment.  NARFE is the only association dedicated to protecting the earned retirement benefits of federal employees, retirees and their survivors.  NARFE is committed to securing the future that federal employees have worked to achieve for themselves and their families.  NARFE has more than 400,000 federal workers, retirees, spouses and survivors united to preserve the economic security and well being of federal employees on the job and in retirement.  At the field level, NARFE has 1,650 chapters in the 50 state federations, the District of Columbia, Panama, the Philippines and Puerto Rico.  There are 41 active chapters in Tennessee.   NARFE's monthly magazine, NARFE For Retired and Current Federal Employees keeps members up-to-date on issues such as federal, state and local legislative development, judicial actions and regulatory changes.  NARFE's Retirement Benefits Services Department, chapter service officers and 125 community-based service centers provide advice and assistance in resolving federal retirement and health benefit matters for civilian federal annuitants and their survivors.  NARFE cuts through red tape to help members obtain the benefits they have earned and deserve.  In addition to solid legislative representation and professional retirement and health care benefits assistance, NARFE membership includes special savings and discounts on a variety of products and services.


Federal employees earn retirement benefits.  NARFE works to protect them.  The Association's objectives are to:

-Sponsor and support legislation to protect the earned benefits and general welfare of its members;

-Oppose legislation which adversely affects member retirement and health benefit programs;

-Foster public recognition and appreciation of government service;

-Cooperate with other organizations seeking to accomplish similar legislative goals;

-Inform members about legislative issues that impact their lives, primarily retirement income, health care benefits, taxation and COLAs;

-Strengthen the political influence of current and future federal retirees through NARFE-PAC, a political action committee;

-Work in partnership with the Office of Personnel Management to answer questions related to retirement benefits, and

-Contribute to the well being of local communities through volunteer service.

NARFE has been active in improving and defending federal retirement benefits since 1921.  One need only look at the history of the system to appreciate NARFE's impact on the retirement program

1921 - The National Association of Retired Civil Employees, renamed the National Association of Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) in 1971,  and renamed the National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) Association in 2005, was organized by 14 federal workers.  The primary goal of the charter members was to seek improved retirement benefits.

1926 - Congress increased annuities to a maximum of $1,000 per year.

1942 - Congress established age and years-of-service requirements allowing 55-year-old employees to retire with 30 years of service.

1943 to 1961 - Retirement eligibility requirements and benefits were liberalized, and Congress approved periodic increases in annuities.

1959 - Congress enacted the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) to provide health insurance for federal workers and their families.  Today the FEHBP insures over nine million individuals and is considered by many to be the nation's model group health insurance program.

1962 - Automatic cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) based on the consumer Price Index went into effect.

More Recently..Persuaded Congress to reject the proposal to delay payment of COLAs by three months.. Won a long battle to enact legislation prohibiting states from "source-taxing" the retirement income of former resident s...Played a strategic role in developing a new "Fair Share" premium formula for the FEHB.. Deleted a proposal from the House budget resolution that would have shifted new FEHBP premiums to employees and annuitants.

Most Recently.. NARFE was recognized at the White House as the lead organization in drafting, promoting and shepherding into law the Long-Term Care Security Act of 2000.  As the first government-wide federal benefit program enacted in 40 years, the new law will offer affordable long-term care to over 13 million active and retired civilian and military personnel.

We will always remember the victims of September 11, 2001. 

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Rember 9/11

NARFE, The largest federal employee/retiree organization, represents the retirement interests of nearly 5 million current and future federal Annuitants, spouses, and survivors.

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